Lucy Harris Studio talks Camerich LA

Lucy Harris runs her studio out of New York City and we love her aesthetic. Her studios projects are eclectic, modern, interesting and tailor made to her clients needs and specificities. She’s worked with us for a few years now, and here talks to us about what she likes about using Atelier Areti and Camerich, and a bit about her experience working with us at Camerich LA! (top image: a loft in Brooklyn Heights featuring the Camerich Crescent Bed)

Camerich LA: We love your projects – they feel so personal and eclectic while still having a strong point of view! We love the way that you use Areti, too. Can you tell us a bit about why you like using their fixtures?

Lucy Harris: Atelier Areti’s pieces are timeless. Their pieces have a strong aesthetic point of view, which for me is very important for creating spaces that are personal for my clients. They are sculptures, really. Their scale, proportion and materiality are just so beautifully considered. And I love that it is a women-owned business and the quality is very good. Oh, and did I mention the price point is quite reasonable considering all of the above?

“We were creating a little kid-friendly reading nook for a client and wanted something playful! I had been waiting for the right place to use this floor lamp.” Lamp pictured: Atelier Areti Alouette Floor Lamp

“Because of the large skylight over the stair we couldn’t hang a pendant. But that turned out to be a good thing as we were lucky to find these Atelier Areti sconces that are like beautiful sculptures that draw you upstairs.” Sconces pictured: Ilios Wall Light

CLA: What do you like about working with Camerich furniture? We love the materials selections you choose – they are very textural and feel like they fit in perfectly with your aesthetic. How important is customization for your projects?

LH: Camerich is great for my work because the pieces are well-made, beautifully designed and proportioned and the lengths of some sofas can be customized. But, we find that usually there are enough options for the lengths of the sectional pieces that we don’t need to customize them.

We have many tricks to create unique homes and customization is one of them, but a careful usage of color, material, pattern, texture and pieces from all different time periods can go a long way toward making a home really tell your story. But this requires balancing the elements. One reason we like Camerich is that the pieces are timeless and work with many different aesthetic moods and can be some of the quieter pieces.

“This client, a single man in his twenties, wanted to have a big sofa for parties and hanging out. I took two of the same sectional pieces and put them together to make a very long sofa – it was just perfect for the space.” Sofa pictured: Camerich Lazy Time Sofa

CLA: When did you first start using Camerich?

LH: In my first project on my own and I haven’t stopped! It was a waterfront loft apartment in Brooklyn and I fell in love with the Crescent bed, as did the client. The owner sold the apartment a few years ago but I heard that the new buyer bought all of the furniture!

“This was perfect for our client who wanted beautiful, well-made furniture that had clean lines but still feels warm. The Crescent bed paired beautifully with the white cowhide rug and walnut bedside tables.” Bed pictured: Camerich Crescent Bed

CLA: What do you like best about working with Camerich LA?

LH: We love working with Stephen and his team because they are so service-oriented. They really go above and beyond to help make our projects happen.

Thanks to Lucy Harris Studio for chatting with us!

All images by Francesco Bertocci.

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