Vanessa Mitrani

We are thrilled to have a large representation of the Vanessa Mitrani collection in stock at Camerich Los Angeles. We first discovered her a few years ago at Maison & Objet in Paris, and every time we ordered pieces from her they sold out almost instantly.

Her work is poetic, interesting, and challenges the way you look at materials.

Since her first collection in 1998, Vanessa Mitrani has been a unique figure in the creation world. An expert of glass, she works it under many forms, she claims her designer status by creating consistent collections where each piece is unique as resulting from an unpredictable process.

Her passion for glass goes back to her studies at the Paris Decorative Arts university. Her work was built on experiment, proof of her singularity in a time where crafts and design seldom met. Vanessa Mitrani’s glass work often yields unexpected experiments: she blows glass in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Among her experiments, her creations of restrained glass with metal have informed her collection the most. She creates many of her collections around this technique, which has become one her signatures. Her artistic projects are not only aesthetically beautiful, they also carry existentialist reflections feeding her productions.

Vanessa Mitrani’s know-how, technical mastery and artistic sense opened the doors of the Museum of Decorative Arts to her in 2015, with eight of her emblematic pieces joining the permanent collections.

In April, she presents her very first tableware collection, Gravity, as part of an exhibit organised by Wallpaper magazine in Milan. She combines blown glass and polished bronze to create four models of glasses with an original concept – the idea being to place the glass on a base that wears its imprint.

Every year Vanessa Mitrani presents her new collections at the Maison & Objet show in Paris, proving how glass remains a living, inventive and inspiring material.

Stop by Camerich Los Angeles and see these beautiful pieces in person!

Italicized text taken from Vanessa’s website, and all images shot by Heather Rasmussen for Camerich Los Angeles.

The top image has the Vanessa Mitrani pieces shown with the Camerich Teri Side Table, and the rest with the Camerich Lark Side Table.

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