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We just finished working with the amazing architects and designers at Tag Front Architecture on a massive project of theirs on Appian Way, which they designed from the outside in. Tag Front co-founder Mandi Rafaty, who designed the entire project from architecture to interior, was kind enough to share some of his thoughts on the project, and why he liked using Camerich pieces for the stunning interior.

(Above: Bedroom featuring the Alison Plus Bed, Max Nightstand and Max Media Cabinet)


“What makes this house unique is that it incorporates a series of what I call installations or sculptural elements that guide its users through its vertical composition without being bored.

Starting with the sculptural fins that guide you to the entry to the CNC milled Los Angeles city wall (an original Tag Front sculpture) that direct you downstairs to the main level and the blue felt floral panel at the breakfast table and the bronze anodized sculpture hanging over the fire element. These are the type of elements that Tag Front has been using in our restaurant & retail interiors for the past 20 years but now redone to a more residential scale. Almost every wall and every corner, inside and out is a topic of conversation. ”

(Above: Living Bed)


“What differentiates Tag Front’s work is that it is a complete architecture & interiors package. Therefore the interior work is as complex, layered and refined as the the exterior. All in a very simple flowing way. That is the difference between a house that is simply staged which is often done by a different person and what we do which deals with everything from the architecture & interiors to the furnishings, art and accessories.”


“The challenge on this house was to achieve an extremely high level of detail and finish on an very tight and challenging lot. Both architecturally and to carry that same level in our interior work. In order to do so we brought in a lot of the concepts and ideas that we use on our restaurant and retail interiors that Tag Front has been doing for the past 20 years. In other words, to create a procession of events where the user experiences a series of unfolding visual and tactile elements all in a very dramatic manner from the entry all the way to the pool deck.

We like working with Camerich furniture because the neutrality and simple lines allows the design of the architecture to come through. The understated design does not disturb or compete with the architecture.”

(Above: Avalon Chairs in Black Leather, Alison Sectional Sofa)

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Many thanks to Mandi Rafaty and the entire Tag Front Architecture team. A special thanks to Endora Siu for helping us arrange this interview.

All photos by Timothy Fink.

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