We are happy to announce that Kreoo is now available from Camerich LA! We met them and saw the entire collection in Milan last year, and were blown away by the craftsmanship and overall aesthetic. It’s not easy to make an entire stone-based collection look fresh and modern, but that’s exactly what they’ve done. (above, the Oasi seats, below, the Oasi installed in Camerich LA)

Started in 2010, Kreoo began as a way to explore the materiality of marble, using it in ways that it hasn’t been experienced before. Combining it with wood, Murano glass, and metals all while exploring new ways of shaping and cutting it have created a collection that makes one of the heaviest materials look light, playful, and even more luxurious.

The name Kreoo refers to the Greek verb kraino meaning “to create, to realize”. Kreoo gets inspiration from ancient Greece for perfection and harmony, and translates it into a contemporary, aesthetic and innovative vocabulary. (above and below, the Pedina Torre table)

Kreoo’s pieces are meant to be versatile and surprising. We like the Pave (below) indoors and outdoors.

The collection is best experienced in person. We recommend coming in and taking some time with each one, focusing on how individual each piece is. We think they belong anywhere in the home, and would add a beautiful sculptural element to any room.

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