The Camerich Los Angeles showroom was opened in 2013 by design industry veterans Michael Lin and Stephen Bianchi. Having been admirers of and using the collection in a wide variety of design projects, Michael and Stephen collaborated with the brand to create a Camerich showroom that is unique and the only one of its kind internationally.

As a flagship showroom, they are equipped to accommodate custom requests including size, materials finish, fabrics, and color, allowing the client to best express themselves within the directional design of Camerich. In addition to representing the brand in Los Angeles – a city whose design legacy is so important that its influence is felt globally – the Camerich LA showroom has also influenced not only how Camerich manufactures but their aesthetic as well – including everything from finish selection, editing the core collection, and design and development.

To fully communicate the Camerich lifestyle, Michael and Stephen know unique accessories are an important part of telling the story. The collections that they carry speak to the special nature of the showroom: Atelier Areti’s minimal chic lighting, Bosa’s high design Venetian ceramics, Hering Berlin’s fine porcelain and crystal, GUAXS’ limited edition glass objects, miinu’s artfully expressive and expertly crafted rugs, and design icon Tom Dixon’s lighting and objects. Each collection is curated to stand on its own, and act as accent pieces to the Camerich collection, allowing clients to design and furnish projects from beginning to end.